Welcome Students and Parents

Welcome Students and Parents.

The purpose of this page is to provide a place for additional learning outside of the shop/lab environment.

This is also the place to go for your required topic communications (blogging) and project assignments.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Period 7 New Star Logo Project

game design

click on game design above to go to introductory tutorial.



December Project Electronics Courses.

Start here

Find a project to create/cobble together and make it this December.

Solo projects, but you may make complimentary or duplicate projects with a partner.

Please have fun with this, you have earned it.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Astable and monostable configurations of a 555 Timer

555 Timer configurations

Create both astable and monostable layouts and be able to identify the changes in the output for each configuration.

How can we see this configuration?

YouTube video tutorial link (at home)

Earth Systems Science

Park Service Link

climate link

Climate data and tools

Write up a report on how the Earths' systems have been changing our planet for millions of years.

One Page due by end of class.

Remembering and linking in what you saw while looking at the moon and Mars who don't have all of our systems in place.

Points to consider and include in your paper:

  • craters
  • remodeling
  • molten layers of planets
  • hot spot volcanism
  • site names of specific locations
  • basaltic lava flows



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Star Logo TNG Tutorial and student hints post.

Todays Link:

Steps to be ready for Wednesdays Quiz

1. Finish Epidemic Model
Epidemic Model Link

2. Paintball Project
Paintball Link

3. Quiz is telling me how to combine it.
<insert evil laugh with maniacal brow raising>

 Monday 11-10-2014

How to create a Procedure.

Start up tutorial click here.

Ready for first project? Click here.   Complete each of the beginner trainers before checking in with Murphy.

Feel free to post comments and help, questions and answers.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Artemis Script Info, Look here.

Artemis Script Syntax Info, Look here.  Syntax is how things are written!

General Script forum, browse here for other info. Click here

Basic Code to copy and paste listed below.


<!--Straight Row of Mines/Asteroids/Nebulas -->
    <create type ="mines" count="20" startX="20000" startY="0" startZ="60000" endX="20000" endY="0" endZ="40000"/>

<!--Make a Ring of Mines/Asteroids/Nebulas around an object-->
<create type ="mines" count="40" startX="10000" startY="0" startZ="50000" radius="5000"
            startAngle="0" endAngle="360" randomRange="300" randomSeed="10"/>

<!--laying out a scattered field of Mines/Asteroids/Nebulas over a chunk of map -->
    <create type ="nebulas" count="30" startX="80000" startY="0" startZ="70000" endX="20000" endY="0" endZ="50000" randomRange="2000" randomSeed="10"/>

<!-- Beginning of game create stations and place starting players' ship -->
<create type ="station" raceKeys="friendly" hullKeys="base" x="50000" y="0" z="90000" name="DS4"/>

<create type ="player" x="50000" y="0" z="50000" name="Artemis"/>

Many NAMED objects may be created in the beginning as well VALID: station, player, enemy, neutral, anomaly, blackHole 
<create type ="blackHole" x="43900" y="0" z="90000" name="DJVI-01"/>

// for use in member variable 'int eliteAbilityBits' 
const int ELITE_CLOAKING = 8 
const int ELITE_HET = 16 
const int ELITE_WARP = 32 
const int ELITE_TELEPORT = 64