Welcome Students and Parents

Welcome Students and Parents.

The purpose of this page is to provide a place for additional learning outside of the shop/lab environment.

This is also the place to go for your required topic communications (blogging) and project assignments.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Electricity and Electronics daily assignment guide. V, I, R, P.

Voltage Drop  drop in voltage across a circuits resistors

  1. What are 3 sources of resistance in a DC circuit?
  2. How does Voltage Drop effect the design of a tethered power source for an underwater robot (ROV)?
  3. What combines to effect the drop in an AC circuit?

Power is the variable which defines a circuit’s ability to
perform work. Electrical power is dissipated (used up) in the forms of heat and work.
It can be calculated using the equation P = IE    where P(ower)= I(current) x E(volts or electromotive difference)
  1. What happens to the part if the power is too low?  
  2. What happens to the part if the power is too high?
  3. What is a usable equation if Voltage is unknown?  (Substitute using Ohms Law)
  4. What is a usable equation if Current is unknown? (Substitute using Ohms Law)

Complete exercises 1 - 6 on the Electronics Guide PDF  (on pages 62-68.)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Annotated UDK Links

Start up introduction to UDK     http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/articles/how-to-learn-udk-the-unreal-development-kit--gamedev-2895

UDK script help page. Links and resources. Bottom of page has good sample links.

Please make sure to list if it is accessible from inside the DOE or if resources will only work from outside of school.  There are excellent resources on YouTube and other legitimate sources which are blocked by the school.  

UDK documentation/help page

Use social media to hype up and talk about the Waiakea ELC after school program and what development or crowd sourced UDK town development overall game development and such.



Monday, October 28, 2013

Artemis Script Info, Look here.

Artemis Script Syntax Info, Look here.  Syntax is how things are written!

General Script forum, browse here for other info. Click here

Basic Code to copy and paste listed below.


<!--Straight Row of Mines/Asteroids/Nebulas -->
    <create type ="mines" count="20" startX="20000" startY="0" startZ="60000" endX="20000" endY="0" endZ="40000"/>

<!--Make a Ring of Mines/Asteroids/Nebulas around an object-->
<create type ="mines" count="40" startX="10000" startY="0" startZ="50000" radius="5000"
            startAngle="0" endAngle="360" randomRange="300" randomSeed="10"/>

<!--laying out a scattered field of Mines/Asteroids/Nebulas over a chunk of map -->
    <create type ="nebulas" count="30" startX="80000" startY="0" startZ="70000" endX="20000" endY="0" endZ="50000" randomRange="2000" randomSeed="10"/>

<!-- Beginning of game create stations and place starting players' ship -->
<create type ="station" raceKeys="friendly" hullKeys="base" x="50000" y="0" z="90000" name="DS4"/>

<create type ="player" x="50000" y="0" z="50000" name="Artemis"/>

Many NAMED objects may be created in the beginning as well VALID: station, player, enemy, neutral, anomaly, blackHole 
<create type ="blackHole" x="43900" y="0" z="90000" name="DJVI-01"/>

// for use in member variable 'int eliteAbilityBits' 
const int ELITE_CLOAKING = 8 
const int ELITE_HET = 16 
const int ELITE_WARP = 32 
const int ELITE_TELEPORT = 64 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2013-14 Directed Studies Students: Post Project Here

Post title of project:

Description of project: (include subject and timeline Day, Week, Mid-Quarter, Quarter, Semester)

Links that help you define/instruct/build your project should also be attached.