Welcome Students and Parents

Welcome Students and Parents.

The purpose of this page is to provide a place for additional learning outside of the shop/lab environment.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Electronics Careers

Career review and present it to class tomorrow (odd Friday).

1. Job Description:  what will you do?

2. Education required?

3. Locations: where will you be able to work?

4. Why this?

5. Wages: what will you make?
Career Information

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

P6 Comp Elect Asgn#2: Moore's Law 2.0

Moore's Law: transistor count

Expand on Moore's Law by examining specific technologies and where they place along a Moore's Law type of timeline graph.

You should find that technological applications all share an "upward capability trend" when compared over years of their evolution.

For example, XBox is crappy, Crapbox 360 is crappier and their new gen console release will continue the trend of Craptastical Superiority (or general inferiority).

Look at computer capabilities over different years to see their typical specs and you can see an increase be it hard drive space, processor speeds, graphic abilities, RAM, bus speeds, whatever.


Identify what technological Innovation allowed us to jump forwards to keep up with doubling capabilities every 18 months (Moore's Law identified number of transistors specifically.)

Research and post technological leaps and present them to the class (Due 8/10 by midnight): 20pts

Reply to two other students posts expanding/adding to their discussion. (due 8/13 by start of class): 10 + 10pts